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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website!


I'll do my best to give an abbreviated version "ABOUT ME", my journey with photography, and what I'm up to now.    


My love of photography developed (no pun intended) when I was in high school... a long, long time ago. 

We didn't have digital cameras, so I was lucky enough to learn the fundamentals of photography using film in its entirety.  

Fast forward to the end of senior year. With freedom on the horizon, a driver's license in hand, and the open roads beckoning, my passion for photography was instantly forgotten. My little film camera, once my bestie and my only means of expression, was swiftly tossed into the abyss of my closet as I set off across the country on my new journey. Destination... Missoula, Montana to attend the University of Montana.

I initially majored in Sports Medicine, then I switched to Forestry, then Art, followed by Psychology, then back to Art. I even took a mountain biking class. I mean becoming a world class athlete could be an option right? However, my true passion remained in the arts. So I made it official and set my sights on getting an Art degree.

I gave it my all but school was never easy for me, so I decided to follow other passions.

A decade later... ok, maybe two, a Nikon camera found its way back into my hands. For the last 9 years I continue to push myself to learn and improve upon different skills and techniques. My main focus (or specialty) is in Liminal Photography coupled with freelance photojournalism. For me, Liminal Photography is about seeing the moments in between and capturing them before they no longer exist. A laugh can last ten seconds or two. It's about getting the essence of the moment. 

What I love about these styles of photography is that it allows me to document life in real time. No censorship, no alterations or redos. It's in those moments, when it seems that no-one is looking, people are free to be themselves. 




"Get it while you can!"

Janis Joplin

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